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FIRE IGLOO – The innovative, multilayer and flexible fire protection mat for extreme use. The protection of buildings, objects, emergency vehicles and much more against forest and land fires. Below you will find information about our patented fire protection mat, its applications, and development.
The big advantage of this product is the easy and fast handling.

Because of its design and the straps, the mats can be connected together to any size. They can easily attached to the object with a special holdersystem.

Fire Igloo Brandschutzmatte

Forest Fire Protection

The idea for the fire protection mat was created by the media in which we increasingly find reports, where completel residential areas and of course the inhabitants are defenseless against forest fires. Images and footage of people tying to save their homes with the simplest tools had additional incentive to look for a solution, because existing protection options are not universal enough, too expensive or not fast enough to use.

This is a global issue – the threat of wildland fires affects regions in many countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and South Africa.

Protection Concept

The fire protection concept is based on the FIRE IGLOO mats connected to each other, allow a fully comprehensive fire protection for an object.

Characteristics of the FIRE IGLOO:

  • resistant to flying sparks
  • prevent spontaneous combustion
  • withstands direct lighting
  • easy and quick to use

The technical construction of fire protection mat is composed of several layers of fire-and heat-resistant special fibers with ticking (fig.1):

The first layer of fire-facing side is made of a special fabric-coated, which has the task to reflect primarily the heat and to resist the sparks. The second layer of high-temperature-resistant special fiber completes the heat and fire resistant outer shell. The ticking includes temperature absorbing materials, whose amount can be varied depending on the mat height, the target weight of the mat and the area of application. We rely on an existing and proven filling technology.
The final layer – facing the object to be protected – is constructed with a sturdy fabric.
(fig 1) To ensure a large, coherent surface fire, the individual mats are overlapping connected with each other (fig. 2)


First step – building up the handling and holder structure:
In this step, a rope is thown over the house. With the help of this rope, the climbing- and holdersystem is drawn over the house (fig. 1). More climbing aids are used in the following and anchored to the ground (fig. 2). After the house is covered with the climbing and holdersystem we can go on with the second step – the suspension of the fire protection mats.

Second step – covering the object to be protected:
The fire protection mats have straps on the surface to rise and mount the mats. They are also used to connect the mats with each other and the holdersystem.
The mats will now be mounted from bottom to top into the existing holding system. The mats are handled like big overlapping shingles attached to each other to offer an area-wide protection of the object (fig. 3). This operation is completed with the central application of the mats over the ridge (fig. 4). While climbing down the roof, the ends of the protection mats are connected with the underlying in order to prevent changes of the mat position by thermal influences.


The usage of the FIRE IGLOO fire protection mat are very diverse. The stated goal is to protect objects, houses and even whole villages from destruction by wildland fires. This is made possible through the quick and uncomplicated handling of the mat, their universal applicability and their extremely heat-resistant construction.
Especially in densely populated areas, where the use of fire-fighting planes is very problematic and partial sprinkler systems fail because of the collapse of water and / or electricity supply, this can be a method to save homes before the flames spread.

As for the use of fire protection mat no heavy equipment is required, it can also be used in places, hard to reach.
Other possible applications of the FIRE IGLOO:
Protection of fire fighters in case of an encirclement by wildland fires. A particular danger here is sudden changes in wind direction and strength.
As a fitting shape for emergency vehicles to allow a longer residence time at the position. The ability to use and access to the mobile equipment and extinguishers is not prevented.

The number of households threatened by wild land fires worldwide is enormous, while existing protection facilities are often too specific or not enough. The effects of climate change in the future will affect areas with wild land fires, which have been spared so far.

Product Development

Development – RESCUE FIRE IGLOO:
Due to the structure of the protection mat, it can be used to develop additional protection systems, such as a FIRE IGLOO which may be discharged by helicopter from a low height to allow trapped firefighters or people encircled by fire to prtect themselfes. The structure of this igloo is made of different sized cones, these can be nested inside each other completely. The RESCUE FIRE IGLOO consists of at least two rotating cones.
The first one consists of a conical outer skin with a bottom plate. This one is placed in the outer cone, a cone without a base plate.
The external as internal cone have an opening slip, this slip gets back into the original shape after being used.
Is the person to be rescued inside the cones, he raises the inner cone with a rotary motion. The aim is to close the opening, in order to offer even better protection against heat and smoke.

As a fitting shape for emergency vehicles to allow longer residence times at the location. The ability to use and access to the mobile equipment and extinguishers is not prevented.

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Are you interested in our developments? Contact us – we are looking for investors, partners and sponsors to develop this project to the next step. Whether you are an individual, business or decision-maker from politics, fire and civil protection, influence the development of this new fire protection.

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